When it comes to Automotive Detailing and Enhancement… NOBODY, is more meticulous to detail, than Fresno A&P!

The Central Valley's premier auto detailing firm since 1972. With over forty years of experience we've built a reputation of absolute high performance and customer satisfaction.

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3M Vehicle Products

Using only the latest professional wax and polish solutions by 3M guarantees you the finest finish on your vehicle. No shortcuts are taken in the preparation of your vehicle, application of the 3M products and the final hand polishing of your automobile.

We will remove water spots, light and medium oxidation and fine scratches giving you a vehicle with a beautiful ultra high gloss finish and long lasting protection from the elements.

$50 Off Your First Time Visit

Your first time visit to Fresno, California's A&P Detailing & Auto Enhancement. Experience first hand the unmatched quality and workmanship that goes into detailing your automobile.