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About Us

Inspection of Vehicle

  • A Vehicle Condition Report Will be completed by a friendly, professional staff at A&P. Inspection for trouble spots & note customer requests.
  • Engine/Engine Compartment Cleaning

  • We begin by degreasing the engine and engine compartment by applying a 3M All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser (APC) to remove grease, oil and hard water deposits. A hot pressure washer is then used to remove the APC, A 3M Engine Dressing is applied to the plastic and rubber hoses.


  • A preliminary wash using special 3M detergents removes dirt, grease and grime. The detergent is specifically formulated not to damage the paint or plastics on your car.

  • This is also applied to the tires, wheels, wheel wells, rocker panels, door and trunk jams.

  • a 3M Cleaner Clay is used to remove containments such as rail dust, overspray and industrial fallout from the exterior paint, glass and metal surfaces.

  • Once the vehicle is prepped, a 3M Rubbing Compound is applied on the exterior paint to remove oxidation, car wash scratches and stains.

  • A 3M polish is then applied to create a deep, rich and swirl free finish.

  • For our Platinum package we apply our 3M Synthetic Wax Protectant that chemically bonds to your vehicles paint. This product took three years to research and develop. It is the finest product on the market as it produces a beautiful, deep luster, and a long lasting finish. You'll see it's long lasting protection as the water will continue to bead for months after application and will endure through car wash after car wash. 3M says it will last through the use of powerful car wash detergents for up to 50 car washes.


  • The interior detailing of your vehicle is next on our list. Our technicians consider the interior detailing to be their "work of art." All cracks and crevices are air brushed.

  • Hot water extraction is used on carpets, floor mats and cloth seats to help remove most stubborn stains.

  • All vinyl, plastic, leather and rubber components are cleaned and conditioned to restore a natural shine without leaving a greasy residue.

  • Windows, dashboard, air vents, cup holders, ashtrays, seat folds, ect. are thoroughly cleaned.

Final Inspection

  • Finally our manager personally goes over the vehicle with a checklist to make certain that every detail of workmanship has been executed. Our goal of 100% customer satisfaction will assure you drive with "That New Car Feeling"

Testimonials from the Central Valley

You guys are the hidden gem of Fresno, family owned & the best detail service ever! A & P Detailing & Auto Enhancement, no job is too little or too big!" 

- Sandra Loyd, Clovis, CA